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blow mould

Molding is a manufacturing process by shaping liquid or flexible raw materials using a rigid mold called a mold or matrix. The blow mould itself may be made using a template or model of the final object.

A mold is a hollow block filled with liquid or flexible materials such as plastic, glass, metal or ceramic raw materials. The liquid hardens or settles inside the mold and takes the shape of the mold. The final product is the counterpart of the mold.

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Articulated molds have multiple parts that are joined together to form a complete mold, and then separated to release the finished casting. These types of molds are expensive, but they are necessary when the casting shape has complex features.

In piece molding, a number of different molds are used, each of which creates a part of a complex object. This method is usually only used for larger and more valuable objects.

Blow molding is a manufacturing process for forming and joining hollow plastic or glass parts.

Molding can be used for different purposes in different fields and industries, quality mold making is critical to the success of whatever process it is used for. Inflatable plastic mold is used to produce all kinds of small and large bottles, up to barrels, tankers and 20,000 liter tanks.

Making blow mold for extrusion machines

blow mold is a hollow block that determines the shape of the manufactured product. These molds can be made of different materials, the most common of which are aluminum, steel, alloy and copper. Also, each template has different components.

These parts include pins, bases, lifters, ejectors, guides, bushings and alignment devices.

Since the mold shapes the final product, it is always essential to use the right type of quality material. The mold maker must have a complete understanding of the final product. Otherwise, the entire chain – from the smallest parts to the parts that play essential roles in the production process – will face problems.


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Application of blow mold

Blow molding and injection molding are used to produce plastic parts to meet exacting standards in a specific industry. Due to their versatility and flexibility as well as their physical and chemical nature, plastic parts can be used in the production of various parts in a variety of simple to very complex molds with high precision and flexibility.

extrusion blow molding machine

Now that you have a better understanding of the role of molds and molding in the manufacturing process, you can better understand what plastic blow molding is.

As the name suggests, blow plastic molding involves molding any type of plastic into a mold. A variety of materials can be used in the process, from polyethylene to PET bottle molds

Basically, the raw materials are entered into a heated tank, where they are mixed and transferred to the center of the mold. Then, using air pressure, it is blown into the parison so that the plastic inflates and takes the shape of the mold. From here on, the material hardens as it cools to form the final product.

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blow Molding machines

Blow molding is used to produce hollow plastic parts such as bottles, gallons, etc. It can be done in 3 different ways: pneumatic injection molding, pneumatic stretch molding, and pneumatic extrusion molding.

These molds are placed on all kinds of inflatable plastic machines such as 1-liter inflatable plastic machines and 20-liter inflatable plastic machines and mold the desired product.

Basically, this process requires air to blow the plastic material into the mold. In the next step, the plastic is cooled and the final product is formed.

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blow mold for various industries

Food industry

Mold for bottles for dairy products or fruit juice. Sizes can range from 200ml to 3000ml.

chemical industry

Molds for gallons, barrels and drams. Product sizes from 500 ml to 5000 ml, 10, 15, 20 liter gallons and drums up to 220 liters.

Cosmetics industry

Mold for packing liquid soap, shampoo, gel, lotion. The packages range from 20 ml to 2000 ml.


Mold for packaging cleaning liquids, detergents and lotions. Bottles and cans from 200 ml to 5000 ml.

pharmaceutical Industries

Mold for packaging serums or medical pills. Volume from 20 ml to 200 ml.

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Price and purchase blow mold

Our plastic and inflatable plastic injection molds are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. The use of first-class material for making molds, as well as our high experience and up-to-date knowledge of molding will help you to produce your product in the best possible way.

In making different types of inflatable plastic molds, the configuration of your machine is considered so that the mold has the most harmony with the various components of the inflatable plastic machine.

Molds are always designed for the most optimal cooling mode to improve your productivity.

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