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تولید و فروش بطری پت

Pars Polymer is an expert and leader in the field of producing bottles, tanks, tanks, and other blow molding plastic and plastic injection products, such as bottle caps in different dimensions and sizes, with the best quality and the most reasonable price, with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Plastic injection and blow molding machines and setting up a production line of all kinds of plastic products


Pars Polymer products:
All kinds of pet bottles in different sizes
Bottles of sanitary products such as shampoo, bottles of toilet and dishwashing liquid, etc.
All kinds of polyethylene bottles in different sizes and shapes
Production of all kinds of bottles, gallons, tanks and tankers in different dimensions in single and multi-layered form
All kinds of bottle caps, gallon caps, in different dimensions and sizes

پت چیست
تماس با ما

Due to the increasing demand for plastic products and the increase in the use and application of plastic products in various sectors such as food packaging, sanitary products, industrial parts, etc., various factories and industrial units need a lot of plastic products.

Our colleagues and experts at Pars Polymer are ready to provide free services and advice for you to achieve your goals.