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proportional vale

Proportional valve is a valve that relies on the laws of fluid pressure to distribute input materials to one or more output lines. A proportional valve can increase or decrease material for each outlet, depending on the cross section of those outlet lines.

شیر پروپرشنال ولو

The proportional valves of plastic materials are used to mix the recycled and new materials in the right proportion and transfer them to the injection molding machine by the vacuum autoloader. It can be installed directly on autoloaders or recycle granulators pipeline.

How Proportional Valve works

A simple example is an inlet pipe with cross section A entering a chamber. Two other pipes lead out of the chamber, one with cross-section 3A and the other with cross-section A/2. If a force F is applied to the fluid in the inlet pipe, the pressure in that pipe will be F/A. Using the pressure laws, we find that every outlet pipe will see the same pressure. This means that an outlet pipe with an area of 3A produces a force equal to 3F and an outlet pipe with an area of A/2 produces a force equal to F/2. So, if you put a 10-pound force into the input, you’ll get 30-pound and 5-pound forces from the outputs, respectively. If you put a force of 10 N into the input, you will get a force of 30 N and 5 N from the outputs, respectively.

All types of Proportional valves

The proportional valves discussed so far are all on/off valves that are either fully open or fully closed. There are many applications that require valve proportionality, meaning that the valve can be open anywhere from 0-100%. Proportional valves in injection and air plastic machines are usually used in the applications of mixing and grinding new materials.

For example, a proportional valve can be used to control the amount and flow of plastic in an injection molding machine. Larger valves can be used to control the flow rate of the material.

پروپرشنال ولو شیر تناسبی

These engines typically had over 50 horsepower, and their speed could be easily controlled by adjusting the amount of fluid passing their blades. This type of application was very popular when electronic components could only handle small amounts of voltage and current. A small amount of flow can be controlled in a proportional valve and a large amount of horsepower can be controlled in a hydraulic motor.

application of Proportional Velve

The proportional valve is similar to the pneumatic valves discussed earlier in that it has a spool that can allow the ports to vary as well as open or close from 0 to 100 percent.

Proportional valves are often used in feedback systems, so they are called proportional valves. Two types of feedback are available with these valves. One type of feedback is external positioning sensors such as encoders. The second type of feedback is located directly inside the valve to indicate the spool position.

Internal feedback is used where the valve response must be fast enough that it cannot wait for the external feedback signal to return to the valve amplifier and then to the valve. Applications that require a faster response include hydraulic robots and speed control valves in plastic injection machines that control the speed at which plastic is injected into the mold.

Features of Proportional Velve

This mixer can mix new materials and secondary materials according to the required ratio and then send it to the next process. The main body is made of stainless steel, which is durable, well-designed, well-made and without cleaning materials to ensure the smooth delivery of raw materials. Avoids re-contamination of raw materials during transportation. The ratio of two materials is controlled by a microcomputer and the measurement is correct.

شیر پروپرشنال تناسبی

Advantages of Proportional Velve

Stable operation without voltage change
Sealing and solid body structure
Low voltage hysteresis
Low power consumption
excellent quality
Compact and small structure

Buying all kinds of Proportional Velve

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