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Vertical injection moulding machine

To get familiar with the vertical injection machine, its features, main parts, how to work with the vertical injection machine and injection molding steps with this machine, stay with us in the rest of this article.

دستگاه تزریق عمودی

What is a vertical injection molding machine?

Vertical injection molding machine, abbreviated vertical injection molding machine, is a part of the leading molding equipment that uses plastic molding molds to make thermoplastic materials into various shapes of plastic products.

The vertical plastic injection machine is usually composed of an injection system, a clamping system, a hydraulic transmission system, an electrical control system, a lubrication system, a heating and cooling system, and a safety monitoring system.

Specifications of the vertical injection machine

Vertical clamping, horizontal injection, the mold is open on three sides, and the operation is easier and safer.
The injection pressure is significant, which is controlled by a torque hydraulic motor. The screw torque is sufficient, the plasticizing volume is large, and a proportional valve controls the system pressure.
Multi-stage pressure output, sensitive and accurate pressure response.
To improve production efficiency, single, double sliding and rotary plate systems can be installed.

دستگاه تزریق پلاستیک عمودی

Features of the vertical injection machine

The injection device and the adjustment device are located on a vertical center line, and the mold opens and closes in the up and down direction.
Suitable for insert molding (internal injection). Since the die plate is on top, it is easy to insert the part. Fully automatic insert molding can be done smoothly by using a model with a fixed lower template and a portable upper template and a combination of a conveyor and a manipulator.
The weight of the mold is supported by the vertical stencil to open and close the top and bottom halves.
The indentation of any plastic part can be removed with a simple manipulation, which helps in perfect molding.

What are the three important principles of vertical plastic injection machine?

Injection system

The injection system has three main functions: heating, melting and plasticizing and reaching the fluid state. Another thing is to put a small amount of melt in the depression under a certain pressure and speed. The third is to end the injection. After that, the pressure on the melt is maintained in the mold cavity and the mold is filled with joints.

mold setting system

The template setting system has three main functions, one is to set the amount of opening and the amount of page opening. Another task is to ensure sufficient clamping force during injection and hold pressure to help complete the plastic part. The third is to make sure that the plastic part is molded correctly.

Control system

The brain control system is a vertical injection device. Controls the color interference of the injection molding machine. The created program enables the control system to effectively control and adapt time, position, pressure, speed and other parameters. The five primary elements of an injection molding machine are temperature, speed, time, pressure, and volume (assembly).

خرید دستگاه تزریق پلاستیک عمودی

Advantages of vertical injection machine

Easy to achieve insert molding. Since the surface of the mold is facing up, it is easy to place the insert. If the bottom plate is fixed and the top plate is movable, it can easily do fully automatic insert molding.

The weight of the mold is supported by the horizontal mold to open and close up and down, and the phenomenon that the mold does not open and close does not occur due to the gravity of the mold, similar to the horizontal machine. Maintaining the accuracy of machines and molds is beneficial for durability.

In general, the clamping device is open, and it is easy to configure various automation devices, which is suitable for automatic molding of complex and delicate products. The belt transfer device is easily installed from the middle of the mold, which is suitable for automatic molding production.

What are the injection steps of the vertical injection machine?

The advantages of the molding method include fast production speed, high efficiency, automatic operation, large variety of patterns, shapes from simple to complex, large to small sizes, accurate product size, easy replacement of products and manufacturability. For parts with complex shapes, injection molding is suitable for mass production and complex conditions.

The first one is the mold closing process of the vertical injection molding machine. Pressurized oil in the clamping cylinder pushes the clamping mechanism to move and the movable die moves to close the die.

The second step is injection. After the clamping force locks the mold during the injection process, the injection machine enters the working condition so that the nozzle and the mold are aligned.

The third step of the pressure maintenance process: after filling the mold cavity with melt, the screw still maintains a certain pressure on the melt to prevent the melt from flowing back into the mold.

The fourth stage is the cooling and pre-plasticization process of the vertical plastic injection machine. After sealing the lid, cancel the pressure holding process. This product is naturally cooled and formed in the mold. Simultaneously, the injection molding machine drives the pre-plasticizing oil motor to rotate the screw. Granular plastic is moved forward for plasticization.

The fifth step is the process of exiting the product from the injection machine, opening the mold and exiting the plastic products. After the plasticization measurement is done, it is usually necessary to remove the nozzle from the mold to prevent the formation of cold material from the nozzle due to prolonged contact with the hard mold.

ماشین تزریق پلاستیک عمودی

Buy vertical injection moulding machine

Vertical plastic injection machines are used to produce various plastic products with both simple and complex shapes. Among the most widely used products, we can mention the production of bulb bulbs, the production of two electrical plugs, all kinds of USBs and plastic plugs.

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