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Plastic bottle production machine

Pars Company is the manufacturer of the best automatic blow molding machine and plastic tub production machine for the production of all kinds of plastic products, including bottles, tubs, gallons, barrels, etc., 1 liter bottle, 4 liter gallon, yogurt tub production machines And pickled cucumbers, gallons of brake oil and antifreeze, etc. are of excellent quality and very reasonable price. The use of modern knowledge and in sync with the world’s modern technology has made Danesh Banyan Pars company’s blow molding injection machines to offer the same level or even higher quality than the best blow molding machinery manufacturing factories in the world.

دستگاه پلاستیک بادی

blow molding machines for the production of plastic bottles

Blow molding is the formation of a hollow object by blowing or blowing a molten thermoplastic tube called a “parizon” into the shape of a mold cavity. This process involves extruding or “dropping” the parison onto which the mold halves are closed. The material mold halves contain the shape of the product to be produced. The lower opening of the parison is closed by the mold halves. A pressurized gas, usually air, enters the parison and directs the heated parison against the mold walls to form the finished product. The blow molding or blow molding industry is designed to produce high-volume, one-piece hollow objects. If you need to make a lot of bottles, this process is for you. Blow molding creates very uniform, thin-walled containers. And it can do so very economically. Examples of parts and products created using blow injection molding are: dairy product containers, water bottles, shampoo and all kinds of large and small bottles, car parts, stadium seats and seats, medicine cans, coolers or any other hollow parts. .

تولید بطری گالن و دبه

The price of the plastic bottle production machine

Among the features and options influencing the price of the blow molding machines, it can be mentioned that it is semi-automatic or fully automatic, single station or two station, the number of machine heads, the amount of production per hour, the ability to produce multi-layer or single-layer products. did Fortunately, due to the fact that this device is completely Iranian and domestically made, its price is lower and more affordable than other imported devices. Pars Company is the manufacturer of the best fully automatic blow molding machines suitable for producing all kinds of bottles and bottles with high variety and fully meets the needs of the domestic and even international market in the field of blow molding machines. گالن pe

Specifications of the plastic bottle production machine

Linear clamping system Fully opening doors to access the head mold with the ability to increase 12 cubits Thrower with cooling system Low energy consumption Maximum performance Very high speed The shortest cycle time Clamping force 12 tons It has one to eight heads Production with PP-PE-PVC-PETG Suitable for health, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, toy, petroleum, etc. Multi-cavity molds for blow molding machines for the production of bottles and gallons Multi-cavity molds of Blowmolding machine to produce high circulation per hour for high uses Check out the different models of blow molding machines on our website and contact us for purchase advice and placing an order.

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