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IML injection blow molding machine

IML injection blow molding machine This machine is a fully automatic equipment, suitable for processing all kinds of plastics, which is widely used in pharmaceutical, health care products, food and beverage industry, cosmetics, etc. . One of the distinctive features of this injection blow molding machine is the ability of automatic labeling in the mold or IML, which increases the speed and quality of product production. A multi-cavity mold for automatic continuous production technology, using a three-station horizontal rotary injection blow molding machine, a hot runner system and a multi-stage blow molding system, injection molding, blow molding, three-position molding, and to ensure High efficiency equipment and energy saving operation, ensuring smoothness of the produced bottle, inner and outer diameter opening and high precision thread, without waste, modern production standard equipment is compatible with the environment. The European standard is used, which has advantages and a long life.

ماشین بادی تزریقی IML

Features of IML injection blow molding machine

Closed mold cylinder

Product production without waste

Clamping force is uniform in internal equilibrium.

For easy mold assembly, the height of the machine has been reduced.

Unique hydraulic servo system, so that the injection blow molding machine works with high efficiency and energy saving.

The unique structure of the reinforcement lock structure increases the clamping force and reduces the energy consumption of the system.

With a servo system to control the rotation of the mold and increase the rotation accuracy and reduce the cycle time.

Horizontal two-cylinder cylinder horizontal valve plate injection system, so that injection, smooth and fast storage, beautiful appearance, special plastic components, to meet the needs of different products, multi-level injection,

Pressure prediction.

Optimizing internal layout, equipment maintenance, more convenient maintenance.

Enhance digital sensor detection and mandrel rotation detection function and realize automatic and unattended operation.

Optional air conditioning mandrel function shortens product cooling cycle, solves mandrel sticking problem.

Conveyor belt can be connected with visual inspection, labeling leakage tester and other equipment.

ماشین تزریق بادی

Why IML injection blow moulding machine?

Using the injection molding machine (IBM), billions of plastic containers are produced every year. Ranging in volume from 1ml to 2L, these containers meet exacting weight, volume and tolerance standards and are popular worldwide for a myriad of applications from pharmaceuticals to sanitary ware, automotive and household use.

Features of bottles produced with IBM Bottle air plastic injection machine

Exact dimensions of the neck
Thick and uniform walls
Almost invisible dividing lines
Different types of payments are possible

بطری ای ام ال

The advantages of IML injection blow molding machine are:


Up to 45% curvature (depth and width)
Dry and solvent-free process
Unlimited design potential
Rapid design change
High resolution images
Low cost, especially for high volume projects
Achieving effects impossible with other technologies
Strong and durable for hygienic storage of frozen and refrigerated products
Damage resistant coating
Less damage to the environment
Technical specifications of IML injection blow molding machine

One-step molding keeps the bottle’s appearance clean. Suitable for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and…
Energy saving system saves 50% to 70% electricity.
Automatic production without the need for flash and cutting.
Special seamless form.
Stable performance and low noise.
The aluminum frame makes it easier to view and maintain, which also presents a neat and modern look.
Touch screen with graphical interface for easy use.
Programmable in 6 steps and 10 steps for each injection and plasticization.
The actual values of time, speed and pressure of injection and plasticization can be monitored and controlled by the terminal.
Automatic failure detection and abnormal message display on the touch screen.
Blow mold, blow mold, injection and plasticizing can be controlled separately, so shorter cycle time with fast processing.

ماشین بادی تزریقی


Buying an injection molding machine that fits your needs and product production is the first and most important step in setting up an injection molding production line.

Considering the relatively high initial investment cost for the purchase of  injection blow molding machines and other industrial peripheral equipment, including 30 bar and 40 bar compressed air compressors, gathering sufficient information and taking advantage of the guidance of consultants and experts in this field is the most important action. It is in the process of building a workshop and factory for the production of plastic products.

Our expert experts at Danesh Banyan Pars Company, with the support of decades of experience in the field of plastic extrusion and injection molding machines, are ready to provide technical advice on the selection and purchase of plastic molding and injection molding machines.

بطری و ظروف ای ام ال


Pars Company is the first and the best manufacturer and importer of IML injectable air machines from 5 ml to 200 ml in the country.

If you need to get technical and specialized advice, as well as to order the purchase of all kinds of , injection blow molding and plastic injection machines, contact our experts through the contact us page.

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