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Automatic PET blow molding machine

The automatic PET bottle blowing machine is used to produce all kinds of PET bottles and gallons in various shapes in high circulation. Large industrial companies use automatic PET inflator machines for packaging all kinds of their products, both in the food and pharmaceutical industries and in other industries such as dairy, liquid oils, sanitary detergents, etc., which require high production circulation. brand.

دستگاه بادکن بطری پت اتوماتیک

What is PET made of?

It is interesting to understand the composition of PET and how it is transformed into the plastic packaging we see in the market. Knowing this, we can learn about its environmental effects and take action to reduce it as much as possible.

Very simply, PET is formed by ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid. These two elements are combined to form PET plastic pellets. To produce plastic bottles, PET is polymerized to form long molecular chains that undergo a manufacturing process to turn it into the final product.

How are PET plastic bottles made?

The production of plastic bottles begins with a process called blow molding and with a blow molding machine. PET pellets are heated to the melting point and poured into a long, thin tube mold. The PET is transferred from this mold to a bottle-shaped mold where a thin steel rod is inserted into the tube. The rod fills the mold with high-pressure air, where the stretch blow process takes place. Air, heat and direct pressure force the plastic to inflate and stretch into the shape of the bottle.

The mold is instantly cooled using air or water. This ensures that the plastic is produced smoothly and correctly. As soon as the bottle cools and hardens, it can be removed from the mold. The plastic bottles are then prepared for transport to the food or beverage manufacturer, where they are filled and sold in the market.

بطری پت آب معدنی

The main structure of the automatic PET bottle blo molding machine

1.1, clamp section

Three front, middle and rear molds, double crank arm connecting mechanism, and mold closing cylinder. The cylinder is driven by an electromagnetic directional control valve to drive the crank arm to open and close the die. The structure is in reasonable design, stable performance and great clamping force.

1.2, the blowing part of the automatic PET blow molding

It consists of a solenoid valve, a high-pressure blowing valve, a body sealing cylinder, a moving sealing part and a blowing air tank. During operation, the piston of the tension cylinder is driven up through the control valve to move the tension rod and the sealing cylinder to push the closed preform upwards. The sealing cylinder seals the opening of the preform and the tension rod is heated and elastic to the preform. At the same time, the gas stored in the gas storage cylinder is stretched longitudinally, and the preform is blown through the sealing cylinder by the high-pressure blowing valve, and then the preform is subjected to high-pressure molding.

1.3. The heating chain plate passes through the first step cylinder station, is detected and positioned by the photoelectric switch, and then blown into the product by the molding mechanism. The step cylinder presses a station for detection and positioning, and continuous production is repeated.

1.4. The rotating chain is driven by the motor to run continuously, so that the preform in the drying tunnel is heated quickly and evenly.


دستپاه باد کن بطری زن

1.5. The preform is transported and arranged through the feeding system, and the preform is installed on the base of the bottle blowing machine by the transfer device and enters the drying tunnel.

1.6. The heating consists of two relatively independent infrared lamp ovens. Each infrared lamp of each oven can be adjusted lengthwise according to different preforms.

1.7. Preform heating While the preform rotates to heat evenly, the mouth of the bottle is cooled, and then hot air is blown into the preform by a fan to heat the inner and outer walls of the preform evenly.

1.8. After the preform enters the blowing mold, air before blowing is introduced to stretch the blown preform in the direction of the ring. When the draw bar reaches the bottom of the mold, high-pressure air enters the cavity to further stretch the preform and tighten the bottle wall.

1.9. High pressure gas is blown into the mold for a certain period of time, on the one hand, it removes the internal pressure caused by the tension of the preform.

On the other hand, bring the bottle wall closer to the mold wall to improve the crystallinity of the bottle surface.

1.10. After the high-pressure gas is finished, venting and molding begin.

1.11, the blowing process is finished.

1.12. The bottle is transferred to the bottle loading station through the chain plate, which is picked up by the bottle loading cylinder and then discharged by the air stream.

خط تولید آب معدنی

Adjusting the process of the automatic PET bottle blow molding machine

standard operating procedures
When blowing the bottle, pay attention to the damage caused to the body due to high temperature. The mold temperature is 140℃-150℃.
Please turn off the motor when testing the mold temperature.
Pay attention to the damage to the body when the high pressure gas connections are loosened.


ماشین بادکن پت اتوماتیک

Molding conditions with automatic PET bottle blow molding machine

Temperature in automatic PET bottle blowing machine

a. Adjusting the power of the blower fan heater

b. Adjust the fan temperature.

C- The effect of ambient temperature on the heating box

d. Hot mold temperature: 125-135°C, bottle mold 10-15°C.


a. The pressure before blowing is 5-15 kg/cm2, the actual pressure is 9-12 kg/cm2.

b. Bottle inflation pressure: cold bottle 25-30 kg/cm2.

J. Blower cycle: 15 kg/cm2.

flow rate

Velocity when pressure is constant before blowing.


The rising speed of the tie bar has a direct relationship with the tension of the preform.

Automatic PET bottle blowing machine forming settings

a. Delay before inflation

b. Duration of inflation

C- Blowing time

Price and purchase of automatic PET blow molding machine

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