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2000 liter blow moulding machine

Pars polymer Company has rich experience in manufacturing 2000 liter, 3000 liter, 5000 liter blow molding machine, 10000 liter blow molding plastic machine and other fully automatic blow moulding machines for various industrial applications.

In recent years, 2000 liter blow molding plastic machines have many advantages in the production of large plastic tanks and tankers and energy saving, and the research and development progress of automatic blow moulding machines has been relatively fast.

For professional manufacturers of blow moulding products who need a high degree of production and quality, the 2000 liter blow moulding machine will be one of the first choices.

دستگاه پلاستیک بادی 220 لیتری تا 2000 لیتری


Raw material plasticization, extrusion, mold handling, mold closing and blowing are all driven by high-performance servo motors, which completely replace the traditional hydraulic drive technology, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Automatic pneumatic plastic machines are excellent equipment for modern industrial production.

At present, the 2000 liter blow moulding machine is mainly used in some special industries that need to produce large tanks and tankers.

At present, large and medium-sized 2000L electric pneumatic plastic machines (high tonnage clamping force) are relatively rare. With the increasing need for the clean production of some large and medium-sized plastic barrels, the development of large- and medium-sized electric blow moulding machine manufacturers is likely to accelerate.

دستگاه تولید مخزن و تانکر پلاستیکی 10000 لیتری

Accumulator die head

The difference is that the extrusion motor controls the interval and extrudes the product once in a cycle for the accumulator diehead, that is, it starts the process only when the volume of resin in the accumulator reaches the capacity required for the plastic part. . However, for a machine with a continuous die head, the extruder continuously mixes, melts, and feeds the resin under pressure, and the die head sequentially creates an intestinal form of molten plastic. This process forms a continuous paste plastic called parison. And it guarantees that the next molding process will continue unless the machine is stopped.

Applications of 2000 liter blow moulding machine

Product capacity from 200 to 2000 liters in one to 6 layers
Power supply 380~415V, according to customer’s requirement.
Suitable raw material: HDPE/HMWHDPE open material milled by plastic mill machine


ماشین پلاستیک بادی 1000 تا 5000 لیتری


The 2000 liter blow moulding machine has wide applications and high production capacity. It can produce water tanks from 200 liters to 2000 liters in 2 to 6 layers. The material used in this production process is HDPE or HMWHDPE.

Price and purchase of 200 to 2000 liter blow moulding machine

The price of the 2000 liter blow moulding machine, which is used to produce all kinds of tanks and tankers, is more expensive than the smaller blow moulding machines

Among the features that influence the price of the blow moulding machine, we can mention the dimensions of the products it can produce, whether it is fully automatic or not, and the ability to produce multi-layer products.

Pars blow moulding Machines Company is a manufacturer of blow moulding injection machines and blow moulding extrusion machines.

Contact us for advice and guidance on buying all kinds of plastic injection machines and blow moulding.

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