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Autoloader is the simplest resin transfer system, but it is not an integral part of a central transfer system. Self-contained vacuum conveyors are used to transfer raw materials, regrinds, and powders from a single source to a single destination, typically a mixer, hopper dryer, or injection machine. A tube is inserted into the material source chamber and connects a length of flexible hose to the material carrier. The autoloader is installed above the destination point and a powerful small motor creates a vacuum that sucks the material through a flexible hose into the body of the loader.

A simple control with programmable loading and unloading times is provided with each unit to schedule loader loading and unloading.

موادکش پلاستیک تک فاز

Advantages of autoloader for plastic material

Stand-alone loaders automate the loading process – eliminating the need to climb a ladder with a bucket of resin to fill a hopper or bucket. This saves labor, reduces material spillage and increases safety.

There are loaders designed primarily for resins and regrinds while others are specifically designed for powders. There are several versions for hopper installation and installation of compressed air autoloaders.

There are conventional vacuum autoloaders and newer designs that have features such as slanted doors for easy access, clear glass center sections so operation can be seen, and flat floors that fit inside the section they are mounted on.

The size of the containers is from 1/8 to 1 cubic foot. Depending on the design, your equipment supplier can help you choose the correct design and size for your specific application.

Having a factory full of peripheral equipment such as dryers or dryers and various material handlers has many problems, and any processor can greatly improve factory efficiency and reduce energy and labor costs by replacing autoloaders with a central transmission system. to give

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Plastic autoloader

Compressed air hopper or hopper autoloaders work in a similar way to standard material handlers, although the material is moved using compressed air. Compressed air hopper loaders are used in plastic injection machines and low power processing air plastics and can be used to transfer many materials for any type of gravity dose or volume dose. Our engineers have designed two types of compressed air hopper conveyors, both types of compressed air hopper conveyors are designed to transport specific types of materials.

Compressed air hopper loaders are designed to transport materials such as masterbatch and regrind. These stretchers can be installed directly on 6 and 12 liter material hoppers. The maximum capacity of the material carrier is up to 125 kg per hour (depending on the type of material). This material remover is equipped with a hopper lid, dust filter, solenoid valve, material hose, level sensor and suction. Second type hopper autoloaders are made to transfer powders or granules with free flow. This type of hopper loader is equipped with hopper door, vacuum chamber with filter, compressed air solenoid valve, material hose, level sensor and suction valve.

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Single-phase plastic autoloader

Single-phase conveyors are designed to automatically transfer free-flowing, granular plastic raw materials from a bag or container to the hopper of an injection or blow molding machine. The maximum capacity of 1-phase motor hopper loaders is up to 120 kg per hour. This type of hopper autoloader is equipped with material hose and suction probe. These single-phase hopper feeders can be mounted on a support frame or main material hopper. 1-phase material remover with brushless motor is also available.

3-phase plastic autoloader

A 3-phase material feeder is a vacuum hopper autoloader designed to transfer free-flowing granules or powder from a bag or bucket to the intermediate hopper of a processing machine or other hopper. The maximum capacity of the 3-phase motor loader hopper is 150 to 2000 kg per hour. The 3-phase material remover is equipped with a material hose and a suction probe. These hopper loaders can be mounted directly on a support frame or main material hopper.

موادکس اتولودر پلاستیک

Air autoloader

Material extractor or air autoloader is suitable for all types of plastic injection and pneumatic plastic injection machines to suck plastic materials into the hopper of the machine.. This material extractor is suitable for all types of plasticizing machines and is easily installed on the back of the machine or gas hopper. It is equipped with an alarm to announce the overload and also to finish the materials in the tank.

Ground autoloader

It has a hopper or funnel and the main device separately and separate from each other. This type of material remover has an independent filter for easy cleaning.

Autoloader hopper is made of stainless steel and controlled by microcomputer.

The ground conveyor is equipped with an alarm to warn of overload or lack of materials.

موادکش پلاستیک زمینی

buy ground and aerial single-phase and 3-phase plastic autoloader

Autoloaders or material haulers can have many different capabilities according to customer needs. Among the different characteristics of the material remover, it can be mentioned whether the material remover is 3-phase or single-phase, whether it is ground or air, as well as the amount of capacity per hour. Accordingly, we recommend that you contact the company’s sales experts through communication channels to obtain technical advice and price inquiries.

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