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High pressure air compressor 30 bar and 40 bar

Industrial 30 bar and 40 bar high pressure air compressors take ambient air and compress it up to 6,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) for industrial applications. As the air moves through the various stages of compression, it cools after each stage. This cooling is necessary to enable compression at these high pressures. Different models of high pressure industrial air compressors can range from 2000 PSI to 6000 PSI.

30 bar pressure compressors, 40 bar air compressors, etc. with capacities of 700 to 1200 liters per minute are among the most used high pressure compressors.

30 bar and 40 bar high pressure air compressors are used in various applications such as industrial machines, fire fighting, service, etc. Things to consider when buying an air compressor include cost, space required, and type of use.

کمپرسور باد 30 بار

When you need a compressed air compressor that fits your needs and your budget, Pars Compressed Air Compressors has a product line that meets your compressed air needs.

A standard compressed air compressor system for use and filling consists of a compressor, storage cylinder and a chamber filling station. Generally, the compressor and storage cylinders used to fill the secondary tanks/canisters are designed to provide a minimum pressure slightly above the final fill pressure. This is due to the nature of filling the cascade system.

Pars high pressure compressors are an excellent choice for pet inflator machines that require high air volume at high pressure. We offer the best quality high pressure air compressors for PET blowing machines.

کمپرسور هوای فشرده 40 بار


High pressure air compressor features

30 bar and 40 bar two-stage oil-free air compressor for inflatable plastic machines

The lubricating oil spray system in the crankcase prevents air from reaching the components.

Air blower components have thermally stable anti-friction parts that ensure long life

With a special design, the air pressure prevents the lubricating oil from entering the air compressor body, so the high-pressure air output is oil-free and clean.

An automatic drain system ensures that the system starts up safely and without residual pressure.

This feature protects both the frame and the engine and hence increases the working life of all parts.

Heavy duty design for 24 hour operation

کمپرسور باد فشار قوی 30 بار و 40 بار


High pressure air compressor

Three-stage high-pressure air compressor designed for pet inflator machines

It can remove impurities and dirt automatically after the cooling system. High quality air output due to pollution removal system

The compressor is equipped with a special and very effective air cooling chiller with an advanced design.

Large capacity main air vent. Its high efficiency feature ensures stable operation of the air compressor.

کمپرسور باد فشار قوی

30 bar compressor

Automatic unloading (time / stop machine)

Automatically adjust the amount of work units according to the actual air demand

Target pressure, unit pressure difference interval, start-up time, working cycle, working sequence of alarm pressure unit, etc. The parameters can be reset according to the actual situation.

Liquid crystal display

It displays the current pressure, working status and error status

Units start/stop sequentially.

Manual or automatic control, independent of each other

Programmable logic controller

کمپرسور باد

40 bar air compressor

40 bar compressors with unique features are of high quality and best design. Our 40 bar compressed air systems in industrial and commercial installations are generally designed for pressures of 90 to 100 psig. However, some special applications such as molding, printing and leak testing require higher pressures.

Booster compressors increase the air system pressure to an operating pressure of 580 psig and a maximum of 650 psig. These reliable units are compact, quiet and offer an economical alternative to the original high pressure compressed air system design.

Operation of air compressor amplifier

Compressed air is routed from the main air system to the booster. Using pre-compressed air is more economical than starting with ambient air. With high volumetric efficiency, the booster is compressed to the desired pressure.

This single-stage system is ideal and cost-effective for many applications when only a moderate amount of high-pressure plant air is required. Our 30 bar and 40 bar air compressors have the technology and ability to design a compressed air system to fit your application.

کمپرسور هوای فشرده

Characteristics of high pressure compressors

High quality casting cylinder machined with high precision, suitable for heavy load execution, with longer service life.
High performance cooling improves compressor performance.
Durable spare parts guarantee compressed air pressure and flow.
Our 40 bar and 30 bar air compressors meet customer’s need for high pressure compressed air.

The purchase price of air compressor 30 bar and 40 bar

We offer economical 30 bar and 40 bar compressors that meet customers’ needs from the world’s best brands, we have an independent research and development department to continuously introduce new items. We will solve all kinds of problems for you with the best product quality, the fastest service and professional technical application experience! Integrity, stability, efficiency and excellence are the spirit of the company, which is a high interpretation of customers, work and future development. At present, our company continuously develops new products and carries out overall planning and comprehensive management of the company with advanced scientific and management concepts. If you need to buy all kinds of air compressors, please contact us.

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